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Things are happening outside of the frame

More fresh starts, false starts, musings, and words. Upcoming. Maybe.

Sunday: A Day of Reinvention

Every week I screw up a little. But that’s alright, because every Sunday I shed my skin. I strip away an old layer, on myself, in my house, and left a new one shine through. I’ve become interested in ritual, particularly since seeing a psychiatrist a month ago. Truly, I’ve always had some interest in…

Going Forward by Looking Back

I’ve been belly dancing consistently for more than six years now. About one year of that was with a classical Egyptian school and five in non-traditional belly dance, sometimes called tribal fusion as a kind of incorrect catch-all term. I’ve enjoyed my time doing non-traditional belly dance and don’t intend to give it up, but…

From One Extreme to the Next

A few days ago, I was told I have bipolar disorder. This was not that surprising. I’ve suspected as much since I was a teenager, but now, at almost thirty, someone finally listened enough to confirm it. I am ecstatic. I woke up yesterday and thought, “I am not just chronically weak or incapable. I…

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