Resolving and Dissolving

Now that 2011′s stumbled offstage into a booze-laden retirement we are on the road for the series of mid-level venue shows of 2012. In the spirit of mid-level, I went, “What the hell,” and decided to throw my name onto Cara Michael’s list of #WIP500 writers for the year. If you’re reading this on my site, you’ll notice the word counter on the sidebar with a barely shadowed tip. That would be my minimum goal word count for 2012. We’ll see how much a commitment to strangers on the Internet shames me out of procrastinating. Really, how could this fail?

I do procrastinate on writing fiction because I’m lucky enough to have writing and editing already be my full-time work. Just the writing isn’t fiction. But it is writing, so I fob off the fiction by falsely equating, “I wrote anything today,” with, “I am hard at work on ALL my writing projects!” But I’m not stupid, it would just seem that way if you read the previous sentence. I know when I’m lying to myself out of sheer laziness. I can’t procrastinate on a client’s work if I want to eat people food and sleep in a bed rather than a cardboard box next month, but missing my fiction writing doesn’t have such dire consequences.

So at this point I’ll try anything to self-motivate.

So there you are. A yearly word counter. Why not, it could work.

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