I’ve been belly dancing consistently for more than six years now. About one year of that was with a classical Egyptian school and five in non-traditional belly dance, sometimes called tribal fusion as a kind of incorrect catch-all term. I’ve enjoyed my time doing non-traditional belly dance and don’t intend to give it up, but lately I’ve been going back to what got me interested in belly dance in the first place, which was Middle Eastern music and traditional belly dance.

I’m deciding on my dance project for the summer, a choreography for an audition video. Originally I was going to do a theatrical mad scientist-themed piece, but as I kept listening to the song and thinking about the dance, I realized I was temporarily tired of creating big characters, big costumes, and big storylines. I just want to disappear in the music and be more abstract. The new idea percolating in my head is sort of a marriage of both the gothic theatrics and the idea of a drum solo. More technically showy than I’m used to, so this could (and probably will) look like a mess, but that’s never stopped me before. I keep coming up with ideas far above my skill level, and practicing until I’m still nowhere close, but I do them anyway.

That’s seriously the best strategy I’ve ever come up with.